Life in Mosul under the Islamic State: Efficiency and brutality of the Caliphate

Life in Mosul under the Islamic State:

Efficiency and brutality of the Caliphate (2019)


Preface by Mosul Eye

What is really the Islamic State? What do its men want? Why thousands of youngsters from all over the world left their Countries to join it to build the Caliphate? Thanks to the reports by the citizens who remained in Mosul, we can eventually understand it.

The Islamic State has controlled for three years a zone between Syria and Iraq inhabited by millions of people. Excluding the persecuted minorities, we do not have accounts of the kind of life, as it was really, experienced by the Sunni citizens who suffered, even unwillingly, this experience, by living in the Caliphate self-proclaimed by Al Baghdadi.
In this essay, some courageous residents of Mosul, at the risk of their own and their families’ lives, tell us the reality of a world precluded to us until now, by explaining what really happened, by describing the incredible brutality, but also the efficiency of its administration.
Only this way we can understand the Islamic State, its ideas and the reasons prompting thousands of youngsters to join the struggle by fighting in the Syrian-Iraqi theatre, or by simply attacking in the Country they live in. Thanks to these testimonies, the voice of civilians who suffered so much, we can start understanding a region which since years has transformed itself into a powder keg, ready to explode. By understanding what happened, we can learn how to understand IS, whose ideas are not dead neither after the loss of territorial control, nor with the killing of Al Baghdadi, and we will be able to counter the much wider phenomenon of jihadism.